Graphics Images on this website

  • Some of the graphics images on this website were created to overcome the lack of good quality photographic images that currently do not do justice to the brand owners and do not look consistent on good websites such as we hope is.
  • They are NOT intended to replace the proper trade mark images nor are they intended to deceive our customers.
  • We desire to show product information in a consistent format so that customers can select their requirements quickly and easily.
  • only supplies genuine branded products and we are concerned that our highly respected suppliers are well represented to our customers.
  • We hope that eventually all our suppliers will provide high quality images of their products for use on the web.
  • Manufacturers also change their packing from time to time and the way product is supplied to us can be at variance with the way customers like to order. For instance coin and button cells sometimes come in strips of five and the customer only needs or wants one or two. In this case we split the pack to provide the customer with what he wants.

    DirectCells - Digital Product Card Layout

    Direct Cells Batteries Product Card Layout


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